Putin: We are Grateful to President Erdogan

Russian President Putin expressed his gratitude to President Erdogan for his role in the prisoner exchange.
The highlights of Putin’s speech are as follows:

Germany is making a mistake by siding with NATO in Ukraine.

We are grateful to Erdogan for his role in mediation and prisoner exchanges in Ukraine.
We are open to negotiations, we have always said that.

The Kyiv authorities lost the desire to negotiate as soon as the Russian troops were withdrawn from the Kyiv region.

There are no plans for additional military mobilization in Russia.

In the next two weeks, the mobilization will end.

So far, 222,000 of the 300,000 reservists have been called up.

The line of contact with Ukraine is 1,100 km long.

It is impossible to protect this line with only contract soldiers.

That’s why we had to declare mobilization.

What happened today is unpleasant, but we are doing the right thing.

Our task is not to destroy Ukraine.

I don’t regret my decision.

There is no need for massive attacks on Ukraine now.

That’s it for now, but we’ll see.

Details are coming…

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