Putin: “Europe’s Natural Gas Price Will Be Determined at the Center in Turkey”

Last minute: A very important ‘natural gas center’ statement came from Russian President Vladimir Putin. “The price of natural gas for European consumers will largely be determined in the center (in Turkey). What happens in Europe’s own centers is crazy,” Putin said in a statement.

Russia is preparing to establish a gas center in Turkey. In his speech at the Strategic Development and National Projects Council in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin made statements regarding the gas center planned to be established in Turkey.


However, the Russian President said, “Turkey’s natural gas infrastructure has significant potential. An electronic platform for trade can be established in the natural gas center to be established in the coming months. The gas price for European consumers will largely be determined at the center in Turkey. What happens in their own centers in Europe is crazy.” .

Pointing to the “unprecedented” sanctions against Russia, Putin said, “It was aimed to destroy our economy in a short time by stealing our foreign exchange reserves, collapsing the ruble and creating devastating inflation.” said.

Emphasizing that these targets could not be reached, Putin, “Thanks to the joint efforts of the Russian government, the Central Bank of Russia and the regions, we were able to stabilize the situation. The Russian economy is expected to shrink by 2.5 percent by the end of the year. This is a decline, yes, but mostly Western and as some of our experts expected. 20 will not shrink.” used the phrases.

Emphasizing that the Russian ruble has also become one of the strongest currencies this year, Putin said, “We achieved this result thanks to the regulation of capital outflows, the requirement to convert gas payments into rubles, our decisions to use national currencies effectively in trade with our partners, and a responsible fiscal policy.” said.


Stating that Russia will lift the logistical and financial restrictions with its key trading partners, Vladimir Putin said, “I would like to remind you that Western countries are trying to push Russia to the edge of development in the world with sanctions. But we will never isolate ourselves. On the contrary, we are expanding our cooperation with everyone who benefits from it and We will continue to expand.” he said.

Emphasizing that Russia significantly increased its exports to the European Union (EU) despite the sanctions, Putin said, “There is an interesting observation. Despite the sanctions, our exports of basic products to the EU increased by 1.5 times and our total exports increased by 42 percent in the first 9 months of the year. Trade surplus “Europe continues to consume our products and services while holding back exports. Such an imbalance cannot continue indefinitely.” said.

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