PUBG Mobile Cheats!

PUBG Mobile Cheats!

If you’ve ever been killed by someone who can track your movements through a wall, headshot you from miles away, and have no recoil on their gun, you’ve probably come across someone who cheats PUBG Mobile. While PUBG Mobile developer Tencent is taking steps to prevent cheaters from ruining the game, new PUBG Mobile cheats are constantly being developed to circumvent the anti-cheat system. So, how to cheat PUBG Mobile? 2023 PUBG mobile cheats are here.

PUBG Mobile cheats

PUBG Mobile cheats are any app, mod or method that allows you to gain an unfair advantage over other players in the game, get loot, survive longer, get free UC money. While there are many different PUBG mobile cheats that don’t require root and jailbreak, you should beware of free in-game purchases, no skins, and methods that earn unlimited free UC (Unknown Cash) and free BP (Battle Points).

PUBG Mobile UC cheat

Any cheat or tool that claims you will get unlimited free UC or BP in pubg mobile is not real, it’s a scam. Do not believe cheats circulating on the internet such as “PUBG mobile UC cheat 99999”, “10,000 UC cheat”, “Free BP”, instantly exit sites that say they will allow you to download after verification. PUBG mobile is an online game and all your account data including all your skins, health, money, BP, UC, XP, etc. are stored on the game servers. Don’t ignore your security when looking for PUBG mobile cheats that work. Modded APKs with money cheats and money mods don’t exist on iOS or Android. However, you can find reliable e-commerce sites that sell cheap UC by searching for “buy PUBG Mobile UC”.

PUBG Mobile UC codes prices (Turkish Lira)

  • PUBG Mobile 300 + 25 UC: 87 TL
  • PUBG Mobile 60 UC: 18 TL
  • PUBG Mobile 690 UC: 157 TL
  • PUBG Mobile 600 + 60 UC: 170 TL
  • PUBG Mobile 1500 + 300 UC: 418 TL
  • PUB Mobile 4000 UC: 762 TL
  • PUBG Mobile 1875 UC: 383 TL
  • PUBG Mobile 3000 + 850 UC: 840 TL

Ways to get free UC in PUBG mobile; winning special tournaments, raising your royale pass rank and participating in sweepstakes.

PUBG Mobile Cheats

PUBG Mobile Wallhack cheat

Also known as the PUGB Mobile x-ray cheat, the wallhack makes enemies, items, supply crates, vehicles, and other important game elements stand out using colorful tiles and overlays, allowing you to see everything through walls. This means you’ll be able to loot, find, or survive longer with opposing players. The PUBG mobile wallhack cheat comes with a modded APK (referred to as PUBG mobile cheat APK) or iOS version, and the game client’s code has been modified to show you enemies and items.

Wallhack cheat features

  • Drawing attention to enemies
  • Highlight objects (Players, items, explosives, vehicles, loot, objectives, etc.)
  • Display player names, health bars, distance
  • Enemy target warning system
  • Show enemy class, equipment, name and level
  • Showing skeletons
  • This PUBG mobile cheat is known by many names; ESP or Extrasensory Perception (the ability to perceive the imperceptible in extraordinary ways) is one of them. VAC (Visual Assistance Cheat) is another; it’s known as a wallhack for short. It’s the most descriptive and popular term used to describe this method of cheating, as it allows you to see through walls and objects.

With a PUBG mobile wallhack, you’ll not only be able to see your enemies and those on your side through walls, but you’ll also be able to easily see lootable items, vehicles, explosives, health bars, name tags, and more. The wall cheat is the most popular cheat and is also used in PUBG for more kills and easier progression.

PUBG Mobile Cheats

The PUBG mobile radar hack shows you a two-dimensional map of your surroundings and highlights the enemies, your allies, and NPCs on the map you’re playing on so you can easily spot enemies. The term radar comes from old-school radar and sonar displays that would scan objects in the environment and display it as 2D data. It can be integrated with an advanced warning system that detects if you are seen by any enemies and if they are aiming at you by analyzing their field of view.

PUBG Mobile Aimbot cheat

Auto-aiming mods and apps, also known as Aimbots, are automated bots that automatically aim and shoot for you, helping you kill a lot of players and survive while doing so. It’s one of the most advanced and effective cheats available for PUBG mobile. In the aiming cheat, the game’s default aiming assistant has been modified to do the aiming action for you.

Aim cheat features

  • Automatic firing
  • Right on target
  • Limits for aiming angle, speed, accuracy, delay, etc.
  • Headshot only
  • Aiming and shooting through walls
  • Configurable buttons/keys for aiming
  • Aimbot is the term used to describe any cheat program or game cheat in shooter games that allows the player to automatically aim, and in some cases automatically fire. It’s one of the most preferred cheats for speeding up kills, but also one of the few cheats that are the easiest to spot and get banned for.

Aimbot, which comes from the words robot and aiming, means automatic aiming, aiming robot, automatic targeting. The actual aimbot is a highly advanced cheat program that reads the game memory to find enemies/targets, locates specific objects in the game world, and then locks onto the player’s target.

PUBG Mobile Cheats

PUBG Mobile cheat mods (Android and iOS)

The way to get an advantage in PUBG mobile is to use APK mods, which are modded versions of the original APK. You may need to root your Android phone to install modded APKs, you may need to use a file manager to transfer modded OBB files. There are several trusted sites where you can find modded Android games, including cheat PUBG. If you’re using an iPhone, PUBG mobile is much harder to cheat on. Installing a modded version of PUBG mobile on iOS requires jailbreaking. Finding and installing files that work on iOS is also harder than on Android.
While there are plenty of PUBG Android cheats online, most of the working, up-to-date mods are APK mods. Aimbot (aiming cheat), wallhack (see through walls cheat) are the most effective cheats when it comes to survival, finding loot, dodging and finding opposing players. There are no tools that provide skins, season passes, etc. other than free UC and BP. The auto-aim cheat should be used with caution as it can lead to an indefinite ban on your PUBG mobile account.

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