PS5 Pro May Not Be Released! Because All Resources Are Reserved For PS 6…

At this time, Sony, which does not want to allocate resources for a new PlayStation model, is collecting all its energy for PlayStation 6. Mark Cerny could head the new design team.

Reaching record sales figures with the end of production problems, PlayStation 5 also made Sony change its strategy. The highly anticipated PS5 Pro intermediate model may never come.

PlayStation 6 Preparations Started

After PlayStation 5, players expected a PS5 Pro intermediate model. PlayStation 5, the fastest-selling console in the company’s history, started this year fast. As a result, the firm changed its plans.

According to the information received, the company started preparations for PlayStation 6 directly. Becoming the head of the PlayStation 4 team, Mark Cerny, who has the title of being the first to design PS in history, can take the lead of the PlayStation 6 team again.

Sony has allocated significant resources for the cooperation, marketing, hardware and software development of the PlayStation 6 console. Therefore, the PS5 Pro project may have been shelved. The earliest is 2028 for PS 6, and there is a 5-year period in between. It is also among the information that Sony will be content with a new version with an external optical drive in this period.

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