Promised Discounted Zero Cars from World Famous Brand: They were Defrauded for Millions of Lira!

Promised Discounted Zero Cars from World Famous Brand: They were Defrauded for Millions of Lira!

A person working at the dealership of a world-famous car brand in Istanbul defrauded many people of millions of lira. So what is the latest situation? Here are the details!

The discounted zero car fraud in Istanbul fell like a bomb on the agenda. The woman, who defrauded millions of dollars from people who wanted to buy a zero car at an affordable price, almost gave mind-boggling.

A woman working at a dealership of a famous car brand allegedly told many people that they could buy discounted zero cars on the pretext that there was a staff discount. The woman working at the dealership of an automotive brand in Kartal is said to be a damage consultant.

The person who defrauded even his close circle took 800 thousand liras from many people by saying “I will use my own discount” to his friends. She professionalized the job and prepared a document stating that a discount would be made and stamped the dealer’s stamp.

She even defrauded his friend of 20 years

Victims who thought they would buy cheap zero cars spoke to Show News. The statements of the victims are as follows:

“We came to buy a car from a famous German brand dealer. We deposited our money and the person defrauded us. I feel like a fool, I’m thinking about how I was deceived.”
“I gave 800 thousand liras, then we realized that he works at this dealership, he said he would buy the vehicle on his behalf and give it to us. Because he is an employee here, he said that they have a certain discount rate. We gave him the money. We deposited it into his account. He said he would give us our vehicles as of December 15. No, your vehicle will arrive on Monday, no, these vehicles are coming from abroad, from Germany and so on…”
“I wanted to buy a vehicle for my son, so he took our 800 thousand liras and we transferred them to his account with IBAN. The delivery time came and there was no news about the vehicle. We called the company. He said he was dismissed.”
“The person working at the dealership is my friend of 15-20 years. That’s how we came to the dealership, we went inside and got into the cars. I sent a total of 800 thousand liras. ‘Wait a little longer, hang in there, he will come. Where will you find cars at these prices again’ and so on.”

After making a payment, people who realized that they had been deceived called the car dealership and the dealership owner filed a complaint by dismissing his employee of 5 years in the face of this situation. The fraudster, who deceived many people, was caught and arrested for alleged profiteering of millions of liras.

Victims also want to get their money back and the woman to be punished.

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