Prince Harry’s Statement Scared: ‘My Life is in Danger’

Prince Harry’s statement that he killed 25 people during his military service in Afghanistan, which did not fall off the agenda with his memoir book, in which he disclosed the secrets of the British Royal family, caused panic among the names famous for his resemblance to the Prince.

Discussions about Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare, published on January 10, continues.

In his book, the prince stated that he killed 25 people during his duty in Afghanistan and used the expressions, “It’s not a number that satisfies me, but it doesn’t embarrass me either.”

While this statement of the prince caused reactions, the Taliban organization also described Harry as a “blank loser”. Prince Harry’s statements also caused criticism in the UK, and military experts warned that the Taliban could launch an attack on Prince Harry.


Rhys Whittock, who became famous and made money in the world thanks to his resemblance to Prince Harry, explained that this discussion scared him and he was worried that the Taliban would mistook him for Prince Harry and target him. Whittock, who travels around the world disguised as Prince Harry and participates in various events, also has an Instagram account called “Prince Harry’s Look-alike”.

Whittock, 39, who is the same age as Harry, noted that he is now more careful when he goes out in public and tries to hide his resemblance to the Prince. Thinking that this incident could trigger the Taliban’s attacks on the Royal family, Whittock emphasized that he did not have a security army like the Royal members and said, “Looking like Harry scares me a lot right now. “I’ve been walking around in a hat and sunglasses for a while,” he said.

Whittock stated that he loved Prince Harry very much, but could not make sense of him revealing family secrets and said, “I think he needs to look at his own life now.”

While many military experts warned that Harry’s Afghanistan statement openly made himself and his family a target of the Taliban, he dismissed the criticism, arguing that the discussion, not the Prince’s statement, caused a security problem.

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