Positive Features Separing Turkish Health Services from Other Countries

After the implementation of the 2003 Health Transformation Program, there were many positive developments in health services in Turkey and Turkey reached the health standards of the world countries.

In every city of Turkey, a very high quality service is provided in public hospitals, city hospitals, private hospitals, research hospitals, university hospitals and hospitals with special expertise.

Now let’s take a look at the positive aspects of the Turkish health sector.

A Modern Health System Was Created with the Health Transformation Program

A Modern Health System Was Created with the Health Transformation Program

Patients in Turkey can easily reach every hospital and benefit from high quality health services.

Hospitals in Turkey are also responsible for the referral of patients. With mobile mobile health services, patients who cannot reach the hospital are taken from their homes by specially equipped health vehicles and expert personnel and transported to the hospital in the fastest way.

Home care services are provided for the chronically ill, the disabled and the elderly, ensuring that everyone can benefit from quality health services.

Private Hospitals Made Free

With the health regulations made, patients who want to go to a private hospital in Turkey do not have to get a referral. Before health regulations, it was necessary to go to public hospitals in order to go to private hospitals. Patients who were referred from public hospitals could go to private hospitals. Now, without such a situation, patients can go to the hospital they want and benefit from all the health services they want.

Private hospitals are obliged to carry out all treatment processes without charging any fee from the patient in emergency patient applications made to private hospitals.

Regardless of what kind of social security they have, only difference fees are paid in private hospitals and patients can carry out their treatment without paying extra fees.

Loss of Time is Avoided with the Appointment System

Loss of Time is Avoided with the Appointment System

The most important positive feature that distinguishes Turkish health services from the health services of other countries is the introduction of an appointment system. People can make appointments from the hospitals they want to go to, over the phone or through applications on smart devices. Thanks to the appointment procedures, which are arranged according to the day and time desired by the patients, waiting in hospitals, long queues and time losses are prevented.

Maternal and infant health centers, health centers and family medicine offer a highly developed system in the Turkish health system. In recent years, there has been a serious decrease in maternal and infant mortality, epidemic diseases and deaths due to lack of vaccination in Turkey. The most important reason for this is the quality, complete and well-equipped provision of primary health care services.

Quality and Modern Health Services are Provided to Every Patient

Another positive development in the Turkish health system is the increase in the capacity of hospitals and the increase in the number of beds. Thanks to the newly built hospital campuses, patients sleep in their own rooms and all facilities such as bathroom and toilet are fully available in the room.

Another positive development in the health system in Turkey is that patients have easy access to drugs, medical supplies and medical devices. Thanks to the social security system, agreements have been made with all pharmacies, and patients can get their medicines by paying very little difference. This difference paid is not taken from the patient in advance and is deducted from the insurance premiums at the end of the month. In this way, patients in Turkey can access their medicines free of charge.

Medicines and Medical Devices Available Free of charge

Medicines and Medical Devices Available Free of charge

One of the developments that distinguishes the Turkish healthcare system from many countries and presents it as a positive feature is the easy accessibility of medical devices. Each hospital has its own complete systems, from x-ray imaging devices to devices for laboratory examinations, and patients can perform their procedures in the hospital they are in without going to other places.

The Turkish health system constitutes a service concept that has been developing for many years and continues this development without stopping. The most important feature that distinguishes Turkish health services from other countries is the trust of Turkish people in their doctor, health system and health services. The phrase “Entrust me to Turkish physicians”, which the great leader Atatürk said many years ago, is a very important word for Turkish people. The Turkish health system, which the Turkish people trust, already shows that it will be subject to different developments in the coming years and offers its patients the right to quality life with world-class health services.

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