Police Officers to be fitted with Lapel Cameras: They Will Know Who You Are Instantly!

Police Officers to be fitted with Lapel Cameras: They Will Know Who You Are Instantly!

It has been announced that all police officers will soon be equipped with lapel cameras. With this system, police officers will be able to find out who the other person is at first glance. Here are the details!

The Ministry of Interior is preparing to carry out a number of new activities in order to provide better service to citizens. The lapel camera system applied to traffic police in Istanbul will now be used throughout Turkey.

Announcing this news on live broadcast, Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya made his announcement on this issue and made detailed explanations while answering Ahmet Hakan’s question on CNN Türk.

All Police Officers Will Be Equipped with Lapel Cameras in 2025

Starting from 2025, Yerlikaya said that preparations are underway to equip all police officers across Turkey with lapel cameras:

“In 2025, all police officers will be equipped with lapel cameras. The attitudes and behaviors of my police, my gendarmerie will be recorded in all conversations between the police and citizens. The same goes for the citizen. The words ‘Do you know who I am’ will be recorded. Everyone will know that the Turkish police are recorded.

ASELSAN will do this. I just had a meeting. ASELSAN has brought a facial recognition system to these cameras. While looking at their documents, those watching the camera from the center will immediately intervene if they are the wanted person.

We will benefit from technology.”

With the lapel camera, complaints and allegations against police officers will be evaluated and resolved more quickly. The images from the police body cameras will also be monitored instantly from the command center.

Lapel Cameras

The main purpose of this system is to serve the public in a more transparent manner, to establish relations with the public and to ensure that the center is immediately informed about and intervenes in the issues that arise. At the same time, police officers will be able to get instant information about the person they are dealing with through the face recognition system in the lapel camera.

Apart from the lapel camera system, Minister Yerlikaya stated that the number of KGYS cameras will also increase in Istanbul and continued his speeches as follows:

“We have given 7 thousand police officers to Istanbul. Istanbul’s biggest problem is traffic. Of course, there are also structural situations. We should have been stronger in controlling traffic. We gave 2,500 to traffic. 3,69 to public order. We gave 1,425 police to other units. We gave a total of 1,173 vehicles and 600 motorcycles. There were 14,816 personnel in public order. After the reinforcement, it reached 17,885.

We will not only be on the main arteries. We need to be everywhere in the city. 10 thousand MOBESEs will be at least 50 thousand with this building. Our target is 75 thousand MOBESEs. We will also benefit from the cameras of corporate companies. We will integrate these cameras into the new system.”

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