People with Vision Loss Seeing Things That Are Not Real

Charles Bonnet Syndrome:

Up to 10 percent of people with eye diseases or vision loss experience visual delusions. In the bizarre condition known as Charles Bonnet Syndrome, blind people begin to see objects they know are not real, such as flowers, birds, people, buildings. Swiss thinker Charles Bonnet, who lived in the 1700s, described this condition after realizing that his grandfather, who lost his sight due to cataracts, was trying to interact with objects and animals that were not actually there.

People experiencing CBS may have lost their sight due to age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma or diabetes. Although most of them are seen in the elderly, KBS can sometimes be seen even in children. Although not much is known about GIS, it can be said that the brain fills in the gaps created when the visual stimulus decreases. There are no tests and treatments used to diagnose CBS. The most important thing is to know that you are not losing your mind and to be aware that you are experiencing this syndrome.

Although this syndrome has been in the medical literature for centuries, it is often overlooked in diagnosis. for two reasons: first, most doctors are unaware of the syndrome and interpret the symptoms as dementia; Second, hallucinators succumb to the knowledge that what they are seeing is partly a trick of the brain. According to some studies, many of these people do not even tell their doctor about their delusions because they are afraid of being diagnosed with a mental illness.

It’s scary to suddenly realize you’re seeing things that aren’t there. CBS residents said they saw houses, people, trees, animals, fantastic creatures, meaningless geometric shapes, and more. Sometimes these images can be animated. It is also possible that the visible things are too small or too large than normal. finger people, you can see huge ants, calm down. It may also be possible to combine images with a real-life background. so if you are hallucinating a cow and your bed is standing where you are looking, you may see a cow on your bed. sometimes it is easy to realize that these images are not real. Seeing a dragon in the pot is quite unrealistic. What if you see a spider in your bed? Seeing people inside your home can also be pretty scary. In such cases, there is probably no choice but to try to find out if the image is real. If you’re aware that you have GIS, you might at least think it’s a brain trick before you panic.

Those with CBS experience have noted that hallucinations sometimes last for several days. so you sleep and wake up and that beautiful cat or hell demon is still in front of your eyes. quite a difficult situation. One of the interesting aspects of the job is that these images are much better than the current visual level of the person. A person who can normally only see the outline of a car and can’t even distinguish its color can even see the license plate of the car in his hallucinations.

According to clinicians, the most important thing at this point is for the patient to be able to understand whether what he is seeing is a delusion by applying a reality test to himself. In such cases, the disorder is called false delusion. Of course, sometimes it can be very difficult to know whether you are dreaming or not. even now you may hallucinate a silver pen on your desk and not doubt its authenticity; After all, its existence is not unreasonable. Delusions that are relatively easy to detect are the truly bizarre ones. because as far as we know, delusion is something we all see all the time.

As we have seen, what we call normal perception is actually not that different from delusions; except the last one is not fixed by external inputs. In fact, it is also possible to define what we call delusion as simply unfixed vision.

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