One in 30 Million Occurs! He Was Born Without Sex Organ…

Surprising births are happening around the world. Some rare conditions affect the whole world. It was stated that a baby born in Iran had no genitals. This situation, which is seen once in 30 million, surprised the scientific world.

Baby born without genitals in Iran shocked the world. The baby’s mother said in a statement that she had a perfectly normal pregnancy. The baby was born without a penis or vagina, although he had two testicles. Stating that the cases of being born without sexual organs are very rare, one in 30 million, doctors announced that they will make organs for the baby. It was said that less than 100 cases of this condition, called Aphallia, have been documented in the medical literature.


While it was a matter of curiosity how the baby would urinate, it was announced that he did it from the anus. Aphallia occurs when the genitals do not develop normally in the womb during the first few months of pregnancy. It is a similar process in which males are born with two penises, causing diphalia. The paramedics, who reported the case in the journal Radiology Case Reports, said the boy was born normally in “good general condition.”


Today, surgeons can make dildos for boys born with aphallia, through a procedure known as phalloplasty. They may also be given a urethra as doctors reconnect their urinary systems. But in this case, paramedics controversially said the recommended treatment was sex reassignment and feminization surgery to create a fake vagina. They also recommend estrogen therapy during puberty to suppress changes in her body, such as facial hair growth and deepening of the voice, to adapt to her new gender.


Boys born with Aphallia are also called intersex. Aphallia is estimated to occur in only one in every 10 million to 30 million births. However, some experts believe cases are underreported due to the social stigma surrounding the condition in some parts of the world. Scientists do not know what triggers the formation of aphalia in the womb.

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