Number of People Using Social Media in Turkey Announced: Which Platform is at the Top?

Number of People Using Social Media in Turkey Announced: Which Platform is at the Top?

The number of users of popular social media platforms in Turkey has been announced. So which platforms are at the top? Here are the details!

As digitalization has gained momentum in recent years, social media platforms have started to attract more and more attention. Millions of people from all over the world, including Turkey, actively use social media. So, what is the number of social media users in Turkey? Here is the latest data!

Social Media in Turkey

What is the Number of Social Media Users in Turkey?

According to the data shared by Sirkhet Consulting, digitalization and internet usage are constantly increasing in our country. As of 2024, the number of internet users in Turkey has reached 74.41 million people. This figure covers 87.16% of the population.

The number of social media users has exceeded 57 million. According to the data, YouTube is the most popular platform and has 57.50 million users. Instagram follows with 57.10 million users.

Facebook ranks third with 34.35 million users, while TikTok ranks fourth with 37.73 million users. X in fifth place has 20.67 million users, while career platform LinkedIn has 16 million users.

Social Media in Turkey

Popular Social Media Platforms and Number of Users in Turkey

  • YouTube 57.50 million users
  • Instagram: 57.10 million users
  • Facebook: 34.35 million users
  • TikTok: 37.73 million users (18+)
  • X: 20.67 million users
  • LinkedIn: 16 million users

It is stated that only people over the age of 18 are taken into account when calculating the number of TikTok users.

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