Number of Fiber Internet Subscribers in Turkey Announced: Where is Turkey in the World?

Number of Fiber Internet Subscribers in Turkey Announced: Where is Turkey in the World?

Halil Nadir Teberci evaluated the reports published by the European FTTH (Fiber to the Home) Council. The report results did not meet expectations. Here are the details!

TELKODER President Halil Nadir Teberci reviewed the reports of the European FTTH Council and assessed Turkey’s recent fiber infrastructure situation. This assessment includes a comprehensive analysis of the development of the country’s fiber optic infrastructure and the process of adapting to international standards.

According to another report, only 25.3% of total households in Turkey have fiber subscriptions. With this rate, Turkey ranks 50th out of 83 countries in the global ranking.

Halil Nadir Teberci Believes Fiber Subscription Rate Can Change

Teberci emphasizes that whether fiber infrastructure extends to homes is a critical issue to consider when evaluating penetration figures. He made the following statement on this subject:

“Fiber penetration figures need to be evaluated properly. Most of the time, we may be talking about a fiber infrastructure that goes to the streets and in front of the apartments. Unfortunately, a fiber that has not been pulled into the houses cannot fully reflect the speeds and quality of real fiber technology to consumers… High-speed internet is the most important necessity of our age, it is of great importance for both the business world, citizens and strong economies. Turkey’s fiber internet infrastructure needs to increase at least 2-3 times and with good planning, we should be thinking about fiber connections to the inside of homes. Another point that should not be forgotten is that a widespread and strong fiber infrastructure is also required for 5G, which many countries in the world have been using for a long time in mobile communication and which we have not yet passed. Because the communication of base stations is also provided by the fiber lines to which these stations must be connected.

Teberci says that the solution for Turkey is not difficult and that decision-makers can speed up the process. Teberci also notes that more than one right-of-way provider can be the right holder in projects to be established on intercity routes.

This implies that each organization’s permit application evaluation process may be different. Therefore, it is not possible to predict when permits will be granted.

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