No Corona Case Left in Tunceli!

Tunceli Provincial Health Director Cagdas Ozdemir announced that the number of coronavirus cases in the city is zero. Özdemir, “Currently, there are no inpatients in our hospital. In addition, we do not have active cases in the city center and districts. This situation especially pleased the health workers.” The shopkeepers said that this was a great source of joy for them. The first case of coronavirus outbreak in Turkey was announced on March 11 by the Ministry of Health. The first Covid case in Tunceli was detected on April 11 and increased over time. A filtration team of 200 people was established throughout the province. Fulfilling tasks such as isolating people with positive tests, identifying contacts and delivering medicines to patients played an active role in the fight against the epidemic.

Vaccination High

Under the coordination of the Governor’s Office, mobile vaccination teams within the body of the Provincial Health Directorate vaccinated people living in rural villages and plateaus at an altitude where the weather conditions are minus 20 degrees and the snow thickness is 3 meters. 2500. to cross rough roads in spring, to work seasonal workers in the fields in summer. Despite the difficult conditions, the teams fighting the epidemic brought Tunceli to the blue category in a short time in vaccination.

Tunceli Provincial Health Director Cagdas Ozdemir
Tunceli Provincial Health Director Cagdas Ozdemir


No Positive Cases Left in Tunceli

While the epidemic lost its effect in Turkey, there were no active cases in Tunceli, neither in the hospital nor throughout the province. This situation pleased the health workers in the first place. Provincial Health Director Çağdaş Özdemir stated that the number of cases had been reset and said, “One of the biggest difficulties at the beginning of the process was that we did not know the process. We had completed our preparations. A team of about 200 people. It worked. Recently, this number has dropped to 100. Our first case was on April 11, 2020. ” Due to the fact that our province is a touristic region, the cases have increased from time to time. Due to the decrease in the number of cases, especially in the last 3 months, no patient was hospitalized in our hospital. At the same time, there are no active cases in our 7 districts and city center. There are no asymptomatic cases. However, we continue on our way with our teams. We do not have any active cases. Endless thanks to the healthcare workers who contributed to this process. I would also like to thank the people of Tunceli who did not leave us alone and showed sensitivity during this process. We want him to take the necessary measures against 19,” he said.

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