New treatment for depression: Electric headphones

Thanks to the electric headphones developed by scientists, a new solution to depression may be found. Allegedly, headphones work better than antidepressants in regular use.

In today’s conditions, the number of people who are depressed is increasing day by day. However, scientists may have found a solution to this situation. The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is trialling an electric headset aimed at reducing symptoms of depression.

Electric headphones reduce depression symptoms in 3 weeks

Developed by Swedish company Flow Neuroscience, the headset is currently being tested on NHS patients. The device uses electrical currents to increase brain activity, and medical trials show that the equipment can work well. “The headset works by stimulating certain areas of the brain of depressed people that are less active or inactive compared to healthy people, with gentle and non-invasive electrical currents,” the company said in a statement. made statements.

Annie Lovatt, 24, took various antidepressants for her long-term depression, but was not satisfied. Lovatt, who has been using the headset for three years, which she started by wearing at 30-minute intervals five times a week, said: “I was really sick, I was really unhappy. It felt like a last resort, and if it didn’t work, I didn’t know what. she said. Regarding the feeling created by the headset, “It was like a button had been pressed. For example, I remember waking up one morning and noticing that I felt better. I felt that I could get out of bed and go on with my life.” she said. However, Annie noticed that she was experiencing relapses when she wasn’t using her device consistently.

The doctor who led the study said that some patients stopped taking antidepressants, now only use the headset to manage their symptoms, and now they want to see the devices become commonplace in healthcare. The electric headset, which is also planned to be offered for sale individually, may cost £399.

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