New story missions are coming to GTA Online!

A new update is coming to GTA V, the game that swept the world. With this update, new story missions will be added to GTA Online.

GTA V, as you know, was released in 2013. It was the most anticipated open world fps game of its era. The game, which constantly received new updates in the intervening 10 years, moved to the online part after all players finished the story mode. In this section called GTA Online, players can do either role-play or simple tasks brought by the game. According to the latest news, new story missions are coming to GTA Online.

The Last Dose update!

This update is a continuation of the Los Santos Drug Wars update released by Rockstar Games in December 2022. It will be published as Los Santos Drug Wars: The Last Dose. It is also the latest addition to the drug wars series. After 5 new story missions to be added to GTA Online, the series will end.

The Los Santos drug wars series tells the stories of two characters, Dax and Fooliganz. Our characters settle in the city of Los Santos. Then they get involved in illegal business in the city. Seeking to dominate the city’s underground trade, Dax and Fooliganz clash with The Lost MC and other foes.

The first update consists of 6 story missions in total. If you complete all the missions successfully, you unlock the Acid Lab at the back of the MTL Brickade 6×6. The missions that come with The Last Dose will continue from here, according to the news.

Along with The Last Dose missions, the series will have 11 missions in total. After these 11 missions, the series will end. If you complete all the missions successfully, you will have a brand in the game where you will produce your own items. This will offer you a passive income opportunity in GTA Online.

In the online version of the game, you can buy private yachts, boats, mansions and luxury cars. You make these purchases with the money of your character in the online version. Since Rockstar Games is very meticulous about money cheating in the game, it is not possible to earn income by cheating except for missions and in-game work.

That’s why this kind of passive income is very valuable for players. Rockstar Games stated in a statement that they can attract many players to this update thanks to passive income. The release date of the update is March 16, 2023.

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