New Paid Military Service Fee Announced!

New Paid Military Service Fee Announced!

With the entry into July, the new fee of the paid military service, which was increased, was announced. Well, how much was the price of the military service? Here are the curious details!

The Ministry of National Defense made an important statement regarding military service. With the statement made, the new paid military service fee to be applied as of July 2024 was announced.

How Much is the 2024 New Paid Military Service Fee?

Paid military service fee increased from 182 thousand 608 TL to 217 thousand 871 TL as of July 2024. In the statement made by the Ministry of National Defense, the following statements were made:

“The “Financial and Social Rights” circular was published by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance and accordingly, the amount of paid military service was 217,871.04 TL (two hundred seventeen thousand eight hundred seventy-one lira four kurus) for the second six months of 2024. As of July 8, 2024, the application process for military service for pay has started.

Those who apply for paid military service and whose two-month payment period expires after 23:59 on June 30, 2024, will make their payments over the new price amount and will be able to update their summons preferences through the e-Government portal or through the military branch.

In addition, an additional payment period equal to the period during which the application process was suspended was given to these obliged persons centrally.

New Paid Military Service Fee

The following information is also available on the Ministry’s page:

Paid Military Service Fee Amount: 240.000 x 0,907796 (civil servant monthly coefficient) =217.871,04 TL.
Additional Fee Amount (Monthly): 3.500 x 0,907796 x 1 = 3.177,29 TL (For Absentee / Absconders).

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