New information came from the Action button of the iPhone 15 Pro

Apple will include the new Action button on iPhone 15 Pro models this year. There are new hints that the iPhone 15 Pro will have an Action button in iOS 17 beta 7.

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 15 series next month, and when it comes to Pro models, rumors suggest that the company will replace the mute switch with a new “Action Button”. We also saw the action button on the Apple Watch Ultra. While the previous beta version of iOS 17 has already revealed what to expect from this button, the iOS 17 beta 7 version has more details.

New Action button coming with iPhone 15 Pro

iOS 17 beta 7 brings new haptic feedback templates when the user enables or disables Silent Mode. The new templates make the phone vibrate more noticeably when the user switches between modes, which seems to be very useful for new phones with Action Buttons. Thus, it will be easy to tell if an iPhone is in Silent or Ring Mode.

In previous versions of iOS, only quick haptic feedback was given when the iPhone went into Silent Mode, while no feedback was given when Silent Mode was disabled. The new haptic feedback is said to feel like a “hard touch”. This confirms that Apple will replace the mute switch with an Action Button. By the way, for those who are not familiar with the process, the addition of the new Action Button to the iPhone 15 Pro also means that the company will move away from the mute switch. The basic iPhone 15 models will continue to have the classic key.

More about iPhone 15

In addition to the new Action Button, the iPhone 15 Pro is expected to have a new design with a titanium bezel and thinner edges around the screen. Pro models will feature the new and more powerful A17 chip, while base models will feature the A16. The iPhone 15 Pro Max (or iPhone 15 Ultra) is also said to have a periscope lens for better optical zoom. Also, all iPhone 15 series will output with USB C port instead of Lightning. Apple is expected to introduce the iPhone 15 series by holding a special press event on September 12 or 13.

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