New Feature for WhatsApp: Who Was This? Period Ends!

New Feature for WhatsApp: Who Was This? Period Ends!

Thanks to the feature of adding notes to contacts that will come to WhatsApp Business version, you will be able to add your notes to the profile of your WhatsApp contacts!

Although messaging applications were initially aimed at personal use, they quickly became the favorite of businesses. WhatsApp, which is indispensable for businesses today, is getting a new feature every day. One of these will be adding notes to contacts.

Since commercial WhatsApp accounts receive hundreds of messages every day, it can be difficult to remember a person’s name even if they are saved in the directory. The new feature detected in the WhatsApp Beta version for Android allows users to add notes to the WhatsApp Web interface.

How Does WhatsApp Add Notes to Contacts Feature Work?

As you can see in the screenshot below, when you enter the contact’s profile on WhatsApp Web, there is a note field. Here you can add detailed information about the person or the order they placed, whatever you want to write.

When this feature becomes public, business owners will be able to jot down their customers’ location information and even birthdays directly on WhatsApp.

Whether this feature will come to personal users, that is, to the normal WhatsApp version, remains unknown at the moment. Of course, since it is still being tested in the beta version, it may be abandoned to WhatsApp Business users with a sudden change of decision.

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