New Feature Coming to X: It Will Rival TikTok and Instagram!

New Feature Coming to X: It Will Rival TikTok and Instagram!

X, one of the most popular social media services, will have a feature similar to Instagram and TikTok. Here are the details of the innovation to be added to the platform!

A new feature is in the works for the popular social media platform X (formerly Twitter). X will rival TikTok and Instagram with the innovation that will be presented soon. Therefore, the update is already being awaited with curiosity.

X’s New Feature Will Take the User Experience to the Next Level

Some innovations and new features continue to come to the social media service X, which was purchased by Elon Musk in recent years. A new development has revealed that an important innovation is being worked on for the popular platform.

New Feature Coming to X

With the new feature coming to X, users will be offered a stream with short and long videos. The videos in this stream will be determined according to the interests of the users. For example, users who are interested in technology will encounter content on technology.

What do you think about the innovation coming to social media platform X? Don’t forget to share your thoughts on the subject with us in the comments section below.

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