New Era in Lease Agreements: It Will Now Be Made Through E-Government!

New statements were made regarding the transfer of lease agreements to e-government and the introduction of new POS devices. Here are the details!

Treasury and Finance Minister Mehmet Şimşek made important statements about lease agreements and new POS devices in a television program he attended. Şimşek pointed out that a new era will begin in lease agreements.

In addition to the fact that lease agreements will now be made through e-government, he made statements informing the public about the fight against unregistered transactions with new POS devices and whether there will be a tax increase.

Lease Agreements To Be Moved To E-government

Minister Şimşek said that from now on, they plan to make lease agreements through e-government. Thus, it is aimed to take measures to prevent any unregistered situation. It is also planned to prevent situations such as tax evasion.

At the same time, it was announced that new generation POS devices will be used to prevent the issuance of receipts with low VAT rates. With these new devices, fraudulent transactions will be detected instantly and will provide significant advantages regarding informality.

Mehmet Şimşek said the following on the subject:

“There are deliberate speculations before the elections. As of June, a new generation of POS machines will be installed. For example, a very busy restaurant in any city. During the day, VAT 1 percent receipts such as bread and water have been deducted. It will notify us with this machine. Our intention is to have all lease agreements made through e-government from now on. We knocked on more than 420,000 doors in the last 2 months. We compared the information we have with the actual situation. At the end of this month, a rent declaration must be submitted.”

Şimşek said that speculation about tax hikes was intentionally generated ahead of the elections, adding that no corporate tax, income tax or VAT hikes were planned.

“Our position on tax is clear. We will not increase corporate tax. We will not increase income tax. We will not increase VAT general rates. If there are exceptions, if there are discounted ones, we have already said that we will review this. An additional rate for Motor Vehicles is not on our agenda.”

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