Nemrut Crater Lake, Bitlis

One of the natural beauties of Bitlis is undoubtedly Nemrut Crater Lake located on Mount Nemrut. Lake Nemrut is the world’s second largest and Turkey’s largest crater lake. Nemrut Lake is 26 km from Bitlis and 15 km from Tatvan. In order to reach Nemrut Lake, which arouses admiration with its natural beauty and harmony of blue and green, it is necessary to go to Tatvan district of Bitlis and watch this natural beauty closely. You can reach Tatvan, located on the shore of Lake Van, by vehicles departing from the center of Bitlis. Those who will travel by plane can come first to Van Airport and then to Tatvan by ferry service. Apart from this, train or bus services can also be preferred. From here to Mount Nemrut; You will come with the magnificent beauty of Tatvan and the magnificent view of Lake Van. You can also reach with your own vehicle or private tours. Nemrut Lake, ready to fascinate with its natural beauty, was formed as a result of a volcanic eruption on Mount Nemrut. There are two crater lakes, one hot and one cold, on the summit of Mount Nemrut. The combination of cold and hot lake formed as a result of volcanic activities reveals all the beauty of nature. You can spend time and swim in the hot spring, which tastes like a hot spring. The water of the Nemrut crater lake, fed by snow and spring waters, is fresh. This lake, which tastes like normal drinking water, is suitable for living things. The mirror carp, which was released into Lake Nemrut by the local people, multiplied in a short time and caused fishing activities in the region. Here you can enjoy fishing with a fishing rod. You can also taste the carp grown in Lake Nemrut, which has fresh water.

Nemrut Crater Lake

The surroundings of Nemrut Crater Lake turn into a natural wonder in spring and summer. In the spring and summer months, the magnificent green of nature and its surroundings covered with flowers and the blue beauty of the lake are worth seeing. You can take wonderful nature photos in this region where colorful flowers bloom and greenery is abundant. You will witness unique views in this place located on the summit of Mount Nemrut. Nemrut Crater Lake, which is constantly flooded by visitors, is one of the favorite places of nature lovers. You can take a walk in this place with fresh air. The sounds of various birds around him almost create the music of nature. You should enjoy walking among colorful flowers and enjoying nature with this nature music. It is possible to have a pleasant picnic with your loved ones in this place where there are picnic areas. As a camping group, you can spend the night in this region. If you are going to spend the night here, you should not miss the sunset and sunrise in this place, which is a natural wonder. You can take great sunset and sunrise photos.

Nemrut Crater Lake

Various events such as concerts, swimming races and sailing shows are organized around Lake Nemrut in spring and summer. If you want to both enjoy nature and participate in these activities that appeal to different interests, you should be here between March and September. Nemrut Crater Lake, whose beauty is not limited to the summer months, takes on a different beauty with the snowfall in the winter months. In winter, you can ski on Mount Nemrut, where the lake is located. You should definitely visit this lake, which has a different beauty in summer and winter.

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