Naughty Dog’s Multiplayer The Last of Us Project Maybe Coming to Playstation 4!

The multiplayer part of The Last of Us Part 2 turned into an independent project and excited the fans. New information has come from the production, which is planned to be released in the coming years.

Considered one of the most successful games ever, The Last of Us also had a multiplayer mode called Factions at its release. Factions, which offers an interesting and entertaining gameplay experience, would also take part in the successful production of 2020, The Last of Us Part 2, but Naughty Dog turned this mode into an independent project. The indie multiplayer project that excited Last of Us fans will likely debut in the coming years. So, for which consoles is this production being developed?

Will The Last of Us spin-off Coming to Playstation 4?

The production, which turned into an independent project by leaving The Last of Us Part 2, which was originally developed for Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro systems, was thought to come only for the new generation with the passing of many years and the spread of PS5, but the new work on Naughty Dog’s site The ad was confusing. According to this job posting, successful Playstation studio Naughty Dog is looking for someone with experience with PS4 and PS5 systems to perform quality control tests on multiplayer productions.

The studio’s mention of PS4 in its job posting states that the new The Last of Us production has at least been tested for the past generation console. Although the stock problems of PS5 are decreasing day by day, Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro; God of War Ragnarok continues to show that they can survive with the productions of Horizon Forbidden West and Resident Evil 4. With the season finale of the HBO series, The Last of Us spin-off project will likely be Neil Druckmann’s main focus. It is expected that new details about the project will come before the end of the year.

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