Nato’s Giant Exercise! Turkey Is Also Participating

NATO's "Dynamic Manta 2024 (DYMA 24)" exercise, organized to improve cooperation and raise the level of training among allied countries on anti-submarine warfare, started today.

Allied countries Turkey, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Greece, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States are participating in the exercise organized by NATO Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM) and hosted by the Italian Navy.

Allied ships and submarines sailed from the port of Catania on Italy’s Sicily Island in the morning, and maritime patrol aircraft are also supporting the exercise.

The first day of the exercise, which aims to increase the interoperability and competence of the troops and elements of the participating countries to respond to all kinds of threats under water, was followed by the AA correspondent from the Italian Navy’s offshore patrol ship ITS Morosini.

On the first day of the Dynamic Manta 2024 exercise, allied forces performed some difficult training exercises.

A Turkish submarine and a helicopter attached to a Turkish frigate participated in the exercise.

An Italian submarine conducted emergency surface ascent training, while a German maritime patrol aircraft conducted submarine search and detection training. The trainings of the allied elements were watched with interest.

Turkish Navy’s strong participation in the exercise

Turkey, which has consistently participated in Dynamic Manta, one of NATO’s planned annual exercises, sent three elements to the exercise this year.

Three elements of the Turkish Naval Forces, TCG Gediz (F-495), one of the Gabya class frigates, TCG Anafartalar (S-356), one of the Preveze class submarines, and a maritime patrol aircraft, are taking part in the exercise.

MARCOM Submarine Commander emphasizes Russia

NATO Marcom Submarine Commander Rear Admiral Thomas Wall held a press conference on the ITS Morosini, the flagship of NATO Standing Naval Task Group 2 (SNMG2), to mark the start of the exercise.

Stating that NATO organizes two anti-submarine warfare exercises every year, Dynamic Manta in the Central Mediterranean and Dynamic Mongoose in the region between the UK, Iceland and Greenland, Wall said Dynamic Manta is the largest and most complex exercise in the Mediterranean and contributes to NATO’s deterrence from sea to space.

Asked by a journalist whether he sees Russia as a threat, Wall said, “Yes, I see Russia as the biggest threat and that is the whole reason for the NATO alliance. Another threat to NATO is terrorist groups, but Russia is the primary threat.”

Wall also told AA correspondent, “I am very pleased with Turkey’s contribution to both the submarines and the anti-submarine warfare capabilities in Dynamic Manta, which allows us to exercise and practice.”

Italian Rear Admiral Pasquale Esposito, Commander of SNMG2, said that Turkey’s contribution to the exercise and SNMG2 was noteworthy.

The exercise, which takes place with the participation of a total of 9 allied countries, will continue until March 8.

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