Turkey’s National Fighter Jet Takes the Runway

SSB President İsmail Demir shared: First images of the National Combat Aircraft

Planned to fly in 2023, the first images of the National Combat Aircraft were shared by İsmail Demir, President of Defense Industries.

Turkey continues to make its name known to the world with its domestic and national productions.

Turkey continues to make its mark in defense production in 2023, the 100th anniversary of the Republic.

On the one hand, 11 provinces devastated by the earthquake are being rehabilitated with the solidarity of the state and the nation, while on the other hand, important steps are being taken, especially in the defense industry, within the scope of the vision of the Turkish Century.

On November 4, 2021, the indigenous and national production of the National Combat Aircraft (MMU), which started production work on November 4, 2021, left the hangar 498 days after the production date was started.

On March 18, He Took To The Track

The project, which emerged successfully as a result of the feverish work of Turkish engineers, appeared on the runway in memory of the March 18th Çanakkale Martyrs.

While successful steps are being taken in the defense industry, which gives ‘confidence to friends and fear to enemies’, İsmail Demir, President of the Defense Industry, made a new post.

First Images Of The National Combat Aircraft

İsmail Demir shared the first images of the National Combat Aircraft (MMU) on his Twitter account.

“This pride belongs to all of us”

Demir shared the following statements on his Twitter account:

The first images of our National Combat Aircraft, our survival project, which our nation is excitedly waiting for, the world is eagerly awaiting, and which our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan showed for the first time on live broadcast! Thanks to the efforts of our engineers. This pride belongs to all of us. Good luck.

National Combat Aircraft features

The MMU, the 5th generation multi-role fighter aircraft, provides superior capabilities for both air-air and air-ground combat requirements. The MMU is a powerful and agile platform of Turkish Aerospace Industries with high survivability, and is a complete warrior with its smart and powerful combat capabilities.

One of the most important steps in the MMU Development Project is the determination and optimization of the aerodynamic geometry, for which testing activities and the most advanced engineering tools and methods are used.

5th Generation Fighter Jet

The cockpit design of the National Combat Aircraft is being matured to minimize the pilot’s workload, taking into account the capabilities and equipment required for 5th generation fighter aircraft.

In the design process, a cockpit environment that will increase pilot situational awareness is developed by taking into account the physical, cognitive and environmental factors that the pilot is in.

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