NASA Discovers Two New Planets: 1.5 Times Bigger Than Earth!

Most of these planets discovered by NASA are made up of water. The discoveries made show that they are outside the Solar System and orbiting another star.

Planets discovered beyond the Solar System excite scientists. In an article published in the journal Nature Astronomy, it was stated that two new planets were detected thanks to two telescopes named Hubble and Spitzer Space belonging to NASA. The planet seen on the right side of the above image is called Kepler-138 c.

Introducing Kepler-138 C And Kepler-138 D

Located in a star system about 218 light-years away, one of these two planets is blue in color. The other is red. Dubbed the Kepler Family, these planets are about 1.5 times larger and twice as heavy as Earth.

NASA, which published the hypothetical images, thinks Kepler-138 d is a rocky planet. prof. Dr. Björn Benneke said that these two planets are almost entirely composed of water, but the images obtained cannot yet be qualified as conclusive results.

The water layers in Kepler-138 d are thought to be about 2,000 kilometers deep. The average ocean depth of the world is less than 4 kilometers.

The atmospheric temperatures of the planets whose images have been released are probably above the boiling point of water, and these planets have a thick and dense atmosphere caused by vapors.

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