NASA Detects Potential Water Source on Mars Surface

NASA’s Curiosity rover may have discovered a new water source on Mars. It is stated that the halo-like soil pieces on the surface of the Red Planet may be Opal deposits.

Today, NASA continues its research to explore the surface of Mars and for the first manned missions. In this context, scientists examining the photos taken by NASA’s Curiosity exploration vehicle may have found a possible source of water on the Red Planet. In the new study, it is stated that halo-like soil pieces on the surface of Mars may be Opal deposits.

NASA May Have Found a Water Source on Mars

According to reports, scientists believe that these halos discovered on Mars may be opal deposits. Because water is a primary component in the development of opal deposits, it could be evidence that Mars has had water much more recently than anticipated. However, NASA plans to conduct a comprehensive investigation with samples taken from the deposits on the Martian surface.

Also thought to be opal deposits, these deposits were first discovered by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter in 2008. But these large and pale earthen deposits were believed to be silica. Now, it points to a water source for astronauts. Thus, we can say that the new discovery is also of great importance for the colonization of Mars.

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