Nanotechnology Investments for Foreigners in Turkey

The concept of nanotechnology is a very small unit of measurement in which the nanometer equals 1 million millimeters, and it is impossible to see with the naked eye or some simple amplifiers.  At the last years, the investment amount of the nanotechnology sector is increasing in Turkey. The nano component is used in atomic measurements to determine the size of the molecules in the material. Nanotechnology is known as the science that studies the possibility of replacing materials at the nanotechnology level to produce new materials or advanced devices that serve the human good in different fields. Nanotechnology is used in the following areas:

*Medicine field; Scientists are working on precision blood-sized machines to treat many surgical conditions, such as arterial blockages and tumors.

*Aviation field; NASA has produced precision nanotechnology devices placed in the astronauts’ bodies to monitor the health of their bodies and deal with health problems that may occur without needing for a doctor.

*Energy field; It is aimed to produce batteries that store large amounts of long-term energy. Thus, clean, low-cost, fossil-free cars will be produced.

*Industry field; It is aimed to produce smart clothes that produce energy, self-cleaning its dirty parts and germs, light, dust and heat resistant glasses made of steel and three-dimensional, transparent and flexible screens.

The Nanotechnology Market in Turkey

There are some important nanotechnology companies operating in Turkish market. For example, a company in Turkey contribute to engine oil by producing boron crystals. Boron nanoparticles cover the inner side walls of automobile engines and increase friction resistance and extend engine life. Another important nano product is produced by a paint company. Nano wall paint is resistant to fading and dirt and has a self-cleaning feature. On the other hand, easily ironed, quick-drying and have contaminated nanostructured smart fabrics are produced by a Turkish textile company, and these fabrics are exported to American textile companies.

A famous company in Turkey is a leader in the production and application of carbon nano materials, a new family of materials with unique and exceptional electrical, mechanical, chemical and thermal properties. The products offered by the company include advanced carbon nano materials, especially graphene and carbon nano tubes, as well as the latest technologies based on carbon-based nano devices. In addition to nanomaterial production, the company focuses on industrial organic electronics, high-performance materials and green chemistry. In these areas, the company has developed electrically conductive plastics, electromagnetic shielding paints, nano composite ballistic protection textiles, low permeability active packaging films, phyto-chemical antimicrobials, self-cleaning coatings and toxic waste management processes.

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