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Museum Of “I Am Sorry For Killing Most Of Humanity” In The USA

An exhibition opened in the USA aims to draw attention to the threat posed by artificial intelligence to humanity. The exhibition welcomes its visitors with the words “I’m sorry for killing most of humanity”.

An exhibition that welcomes visitors in San Francisco marks a post-apocalyptic world based on an artificial intelligence (AI) that has wiped out most of humanity.


Calling their work the “Museum of Misalignment”, the team hopes the exhibit will increase visitors’ knowledge and awareness of artificial general intelligence (AGI – an artificial intelligence’s ability to think and perform tasks like a human). The team writes on their website that “our aim is to create a space to reflect on the technology itself and to think critically about Artificial Intelligence and its implications.” It continues: “As AI continues to evolve and with the advent of AGI, positive We hope to inspire and build support to formulate and enact risk reduction measures we can take to ensure a future.”

The exhibition welcomes its visitors with a friendly welcome that the machines say “I’m sorry for killing most of humanity”. In the exhibition, there are many boxes of spam (a type of fast food) supported by the language model, from Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam categorized by artificial intelligence, focusing on the “piggy” version of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World while trying to tell their own stories. It contains many different setups.

Also on display is a highly convincing artificial intelligence-generated fake conversation between Werner Herzog and philosopher Slavoj Zizek. Unfortunately, while innovations in natural language processing are impressive, it seems to work more like “fancy autocomplete” than real general artificial intelligence.


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