MTA warned 15 years ago: 7 or more earthquakes will produce

MTA warned 15 years ago: 7 or more earthquakes will produce

Have earthquakes centered in Kahramanmaraş been predicted, have warnings been given, have precautions been taken? These questions were answered by the MTA’s senior officials. The statements of the officials who made a presentation at the Earthquake Research Commission drew attention.

Speaking at the Earthquake Research Commission, Head of Mineral Research and Exploration Geological Studies Department Bahadır Şahin reminded the report prepared by MTA in 2008 upon the request of Kahramanmaraş Governorate.

Şahin said, “In the Kahramanmaraş study, the statement that the East Anatolian Fault will produce an earthquake of 7 or more and that there is such a risk is clearly written. After the MTA’s report, there are also problems in the earthquake.” said.

He stated that the report emphasized the risk posed by the East Anatolian Fault for the Kahramanmaraş region.


“Is the earthquake report complied with?” The answer to the question came from MTA General Manager Vedat Yanık.

7 or more earthquakes

“This was not complied with, this would not have been the case,” Burns said. gave the answer.

Burns also said that the high level of destruction in the earthquake zone shows the importance of soil selection in constructions.


Burning, who gave an example from the Gölbaşı district of Adıyaman to the parliamentarians’ question about the construction on the fault lines, said, “There are no structures 200 meters to the right and 200 meters to the left of the fault in Gölbaşı. They were damaged. But they survived. This is an example of determining the fault prevention line.” “It means you won’t.” said.

7 or more earthquakes


MTA Geological Studies Department Active Tectonics and Earthquake Research Coordinator Selim Özalp reminded that the second earthquake with a magnitude of 7.6 occurred 9 hours after the first earthquake in Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquakes. Stating that this was a surprise for many scientists as well as for them, Özalp said, “We expected a second earthquake, but this was not expected in a short time. All I know is that there was an earthquake in Turkey. China in 1976, about 16 hours later. Apart from that, there is no known The absence of an earthquake was the factor that increased this destructiveness even more.” used expressions.

7 or more earthquakes


Stating that the Savrun and Malatya faults were loaded after the earthquake and it was said that the stress increased here, Özalp said, “After the earthquake, these places started to carry risks. It is difficult to say when it will happen. More detailed studies need to be done. It is said that there will be an earthquake in Marmara after the 1999 earthquake, but 30 years over the risk. It has passed. We can say that it is increasing day by day. Strengthening works should be done in the district. Prevention conditions and what will be done here.” aforementioned.

7 or more earthquakes


Ankara University Faculty of Engineering Dean Prof. Dr. Yusuf Kağan Kadıoğlu stated that he started to cry after hearing the news of the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquake and said, “7.7 on the Eastern Anatolian Fault meant doomsday.” said his words.

Saying that some said there was an earthquake with a magnitude of 9 in Japan, but nothing happened, Kadıoğlu said that these earthquakes were in the oceans. Kadıoğlu, “This is happening in my stomach. It is so shallow that its devastating effect is doomsday.”

7 or more earthquakes


Bahadır Şahin, Head of Mineral Research and Exploration Geological Studies Department, also gave information about active faults in Turkey at the commission.

Şahin said that 485 faults were marked on the fault map of Turkey.

He said that nearly 450 of these faults are faults that cause heavy damage.

MTA warned 15 years ago: 7 or more earthquakes will produce

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