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Nemrut is technically connected to Adıyaman (near the village of Karadut in the Kahta district of Adıyaman), but you can also reach it from Malatya. The first and most important warning about climbing Mount Nemrut is to climb here either at sunrise or sunset. Because these two times of the day are the moments when the most beautiful views are experienced. As the light is more beautiful, the photos you take are better. Also, the bodies of the statues on this side, where you will be on the east terrace, are still standing. If you choose to go out at sunset, be sure to start climbing the mountain one hour before the sunset so that you don’t have to rush to the sunset If you are coming from Malatya: Do not neglect to set off 2.5-3 hours before sunrise / sunset.
Unfortunately, there is no camping area between Adıyaman and Mount Nemrut. The closest camping area to the region is located near the Cendere bridge at a distance of 24 km, 40 minutes.
There are not many alternatives for accommodation in Kahta district, which is among the closest locations to Mount Nemrut. There is no accommodation option you can stay in Mount Nemrut. You need to choose the central hotels in Adıyaman and its surroundings to be able to stay. When you come with a tour, the hotel you will stay in is arranged by the tour company. However, if you did not come with a tour, there are many hotel, hostel and apart options in the region. By participating in daily tours departing from the region, you can easily visit Mount Nemrut and many must-see historical places.

How to Get to Mount Nemrut National Park?

Mount Nemrut was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1987. In 1988, it was declared a national park area. You can easily reach Mount Nemrut. You can reach the region by taking the Adıyaman minibuses from the Gaziantep bus station and the Kahta buses from the Adıyaman bus station.
In particular, tourists who come to the region to watch the sunrise need to get up early and set off to catch this beautiful view. The number of tourists coming to the region with tours is increasing day by day.
Those who come to the region with a private vehicle should prefer vehicles suitable for climbing. People who want to rent a car can contact the rental companies in Adıyaman center and Kahta district. Even if you do not have your own vehicle and do not want to rent a car, you can easily reach the region with daily tours departing from Kahta district.

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