Most Requested Features Coming to Diablo 4!

Blizzard has confirmed that it is working on features whose absence in Diablo 4 has disappointed some players.

The first season of Diablo 4 continues, and with the warmly received update 1.1.1 by the community, it’s safe to say that the developers have successfully handled most of the criticism and managed to disperse the negative mood. However, many of the features that players want to be included in the game are not yet available in the game.

One is the lack of a loot filter to separate useful items from useless junk. Currently, all purchased items need to be manually reviewed, which leaves us with a messy and messy inventory. But if the words of the head of the game Rod Fergusson are to be believed, the developers have started working on a suitable solution to this problem. The developer agreed that the lack of this option in X needs to be fixed

Diablo 4’s Deficiencies Will Be Fixed

Another new highlight will be the planned rework of key resistors. This statement came from community manager Adam Fletcher, who assured that the developers wanted to improve this element in the second season of Diablo 4. Element resistance is often considered by players to be one of the least useful stats and therefore needs some rework.

Admittedly, these assurances are far from concrete because no date has been given. But it’s clear that Blizzard has a desire to continue developing Diablo 4. What will be the impact of these changes? It will be clear in time whether the new seasons will be a fiasco or whether they will please the players. Stay tuned for updates!

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