Most Frequently Encountered Problems in Health Sector by Foreign Nationals

The humours, strangeness and tragicomic incidents that cannot be seen in another place of the World may be experienced in Turkey. Are you ready the hospital problems that will form smile on face when they are remembered and be added to the section of moments of pleasure ?

Lack of Health Coverage is the Biggest Problem

Non-payment of health premiums or lack of social coverage is the first problem to be encountered in health sector. If insurance policy does not meet expenditures of preferred hospital, at this point, health services cannot be offered and patients will  face with a great problem.

This problem is not only valid for foreign nationals but also for Turkish citizens. The persons who have no health coverage cannot receive necessary treatments in hospitals outside emergencies.

Appointment does not matter; important thing is whose turn is it?

The first question that both Turkish citizens and foreign citizens will come across first in state hospitals or private hospitals is to await his/her turn. Even though appointment is taken over internet or applications, name of patient is written on upper part of the door of physician, sometimes an extensive order hierarchy may be encountered in front of the door of physician. This order can never be violated and control of order pertains to oldest person, the one having most disease and most experienced person who await his/her turn.

Problem of Pharmaceutical Representative is very bothersome

You have waited very long time to be checked by physician with your sick and tired condition and eventually your turn has come. While just entering, you can encounter with the pharmaceutical representatives who ask for your order and say that physician waits them for a very short interview.

Sometimes saying no to these persons who are well groomed, chic and have high self-confidence may be very hard. While you are beating about the bush, he has already entered the room of physician, started to promote medicine.

If you find yourself in such condition, be sure of yourself and do your best to prevent breakdown of order hierarchy. Otherwise, you stand in line more.

Only Person to be escaped when you see: Hospital attendants

One of close relatives accompanies inpatients and this person is referred to hospital attendants. The works like helping the patients who will fail to paddle his/her own canoe, informing physician in case of emergencies, dealing with paperworks, etc. are primary duties of patient attendants. However the hospital attendants who accompany patient all day and know and get chummy with all hospital after a while want to meet with new people. For this, they pass to the sections at which the patients who have come to be examined and will undergo an outpatient treatment are available.

First sentence of such person begins with “What gives, what is wrong with you, get well”, and keeps on “my hometown buddy, where is your hometown” and finally may end with problems in health system of Turkey. The subjects to be talked in the course of this period may have not any limitation and be lack of any meaning. It may be thought “I wonder what have I talked”.

You can never see the Signboard of Slippery Floor

Cleanliness is at top level in all hospitals of Turkey. Tens of personnel clean every place and ensures hygiene for usage areas of hospital during working hours. However you can never see the sing, indication, signboard of “slippery floor” in entries or corridors of hospital. It is required to be attentive and take firm steps in such areas.

I wonder why caution signs are not placed in these areas. “Is it for, you are already in hospital, if you fall on ground too, nothing happens, you are treated immediately? Or let him/her fall so work is generated to orthopedia department ?” It is a thought provoking issue…

Hospital Fatique

Although Turkish citizens are some more experienced, everyone is tired in hospital tempo and disease effects which are minimal can heighten more after this fatique. Crying sounds of small children, moaning of aged, agonizing patients, curious waiting and many external impacts will ensure you understand how you are tired.

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