Monthly Fees For Ad-free Instagram And Facebook Revealed

Meta is working on an ad-free monthly subscription system for Instagram and Facebook users in Europe. Now the prices of the package have been announced.

Meta and the European Union (EU) have been at odds for some time over data privacy and advertising.

For this reason, we previously shared with you that Meta is considering launching a paid subscription service that does not show ads to users on Facebook and Instagram.

Price Of The Paid Package Revealed

Under the plan, Meta will charge desktop users around 10 euros per month for a Facebook or Instagram account and around 6 euros for each additional linked account, according to new reports.

On mobile, the price will increase to around 13 euros per month. This is because Meta will also take into account the commissions charged by Apple and Google’s app stores for in-app payments.

Users who continue to use the app for free will continue to see ads.

What Happened ?

In July, the European Union’s highest court effectively banned Meta from combining data collected from Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp apps, unless it had explicit consent from users.

In January, the company was fined 390 million euros by Irish regulators for forcing users to accept personalized ads as a condition of using Facebook.

Under EU law, Meta was forced to block marketers from targeting 13-17 year olds in Europe with personalized ads.

In May, the company was fined 1.2 billion euros for violating privacy laws by sending data on European citizens back to US servers to improve its advertising technology.

Meta believes that a paid ad-free version of Facebook or Instagram could alleviate the concerns of some European regulators.

Eu Squeezes Companies

Next year, another tech-focused EU law, the Digital Markets Act, will come into force.

This will force major tech platforms to change certain business practices to promote competition and will have far-reaching effects.

Apple, for example, will allow users in the European Union to use an alternative store to the App Store on their iPhones and iPads for the first time.

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