Miss Universe 2022 Was Chosen: The First Beauty Made History

Miss Universe 2022 Was Chosen: The First Beauty Made History

The 2022 Miss Universe Contest (2022 Miss Universe) has concluded. R’Bonney Gabriel, who was selected first in the contest held in New Orleans, USA, went down in the history of the Miss Universe pageant with his identity. The rumor that the mother of one of the contestants was on the jury brought up the torpedo discussions. So, how many places did Aleyna Şirin represent Turkey in the competition? Here are the details of the new Miss Universe and Miss Universe Contest…

The final of Miss Universe, which is considered one of the most important beauty contests in the world, was held in New Orleans, USA. The new Miss Universe also came from the USA, which hosted the pageant.

The winner of the 2022 Miss Universe or 2022 Miss Universe crown was 28-year-old R’Bonney Gabriel, who entered the pageant on behalf of the USA.

Amanda Dudamel from Venezuela came in second and Andreina Martinez from the Dominican Republic came in third.

Miss Universe R’Bonney Gabriel, 28, became the owner of Miss Universe by finishing first in the Miss USA contest held in her country. R’Bonney Gabriel also made history with this success. Born to an American mother and Filipino father, the young woman became the first Asian-American to win a beauty pageant in the United States.

R’Bonney Gabriel first won the pageant held in her hometown of Texas and then qualified for the Miss USA pageant.

A fashion designer, Gabriel made history by becoming the first Asian-American to win both the Miss USA pageant and the Miss Universe pageant.

On Miss Universe’s website, R’Bonney Gabriel is promoted as “an eco-friendly fashion designer, model and sewing instructor with a passion for life.”

Gabriel’s biography continued:

“As the first Filipino-American to be Miss USA, she shares the importance of embracing your culture. As the voice of Asian-Americans, she opens the door for greater diversity and representation in society and Vogue is honored to be published in the Philippines. R’Bonney’s mission is for women and girls to see themselves in him and be inspired by him to claim who they are and achieve their goals.”

R’Bonney Gabriel, a fashion designer who stands out with his environmentalist designs and wants to succeed as a designer, is the daughter of a father who immigrated to the USA from the Philippines with only 20 dollars in his pocket.

New Miss Universe announced that it aims to be the voice of all immigrants.

R’Bonney Gabriel wore the dress prepared for him by Filipino designer Rian Fernandez, in the transition to the evening dress, the last episode before the crown was handed out.

Miss Universe

R’Bonney Gabriel’s father, who came to the United States from the Philippines at the age of 25, earned a PhD in psychology from the University of Southern California. R’Bonney Gabriel also holds a BA in fashion design from the University of North Texas.

Miss Universe

While continuing her work as a young woman designer, she also continues her modeling career.


Those who will participate in the Miss Universe pageant for the first time this year are allowed to marry and have children. In the past, it was a very strict rule for beauty queens to never marry and have no children, and when such a situation occurred, the crown was taken back from the beauties. However, despite this new rule, there were no married or childbearing beauties in the contest, as countries sent the beauties who came first to this contest and still accept this rule as valid.

Miss Universe


Representing Turkey in the competition, Aleyna Şirin did not qualify for the top 16.

One of the striking details of the night was the representation of Turkey, not Turkey, in Miss Universe for the first time this year.

Miss Universe


Candidates’ speeches, outfit choices and explanations left their mark on the competition. The beautiful, who competed for Russia, managed to participate in this competition despite being expelled from all kinds of international organizations due to her country’s declaration of war on Ukraine. “I think the moral courage I have shows why I was selected for this competition. I am strong and I participate in the competition regardless of the culture of ignoring Russia abroad,” said Anna Linnikova.

Miss Universe

Participating in the competition on behalf of Ukraine, Viktoria Apanasenko drew attention with her winged costume in which she portrayed the angel of peace. Viktoria Apanasenko has been awarded the ‘Spirit of the Carnival’ award at the Miss Universe.

Miss Universe


While Chilean and Maltese candidates were selected as Miss Sympati, the rumor that the Venezuelan beauty’s mother was on the jury brought up the debate. However, there is no definite information on this subject. For the first time this year, paid public voting has caused reactions, and demanding 1 dollar per vote from the public for the voting, which was initially free, was also the subject of discussion.

Miss Universe

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