Ministry Of Health Takes Action To Provide Health Services To Gaza

Minister Koca announced that the Ministry has taken action regarding the human tragedy in Gaza.

Minister Koca made the following statement on social media:

Following the inhumane attack on the Al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza, I conducted telephone diplomacy with many of my international interlocutors, including the top leaders of the World Health Organization. The main point of my meetings was the idea that it is unacceptable for institutions serving human health to be attacked under any circumstances and for any reason. It is never possible for us to remain unresponsive to this attack. The helplessness of the sick and innocent people places a conscientious duty on us, which some of the world ignores and avoids undertaking.

As Turkey, we are ready to send Ship Hospitals to the region or to establish Field Hospitals in Gaza or near the Rafah Border Crossing, to provide health services to our Palestinian brothers and sisters and to carry out this service. In my meeting with WHO Regional Director for Europe @hans_kluge, I stated that it is urgent and essential to support the region in terms of health services. We are ready to act together with WHO to carry out this work if it decides to do so. In my meetings, I insisted that the World Health Organization also has a historical responsibility in this sense. Our views and demands at this point were welcomed positively by Ahmed Al-Mandhari, Director of the EMRO Regional Office, and in consultation with the Director General @DrTedros, we decided to initiate the cooperation process with our country immediately. Our coordination and cooperation efforts in this direction continue with determination.

I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that despite all diplomatic difficulties, Turkey will always continue to stand by babies, children, the elderly and innocent people. These are historical days when we are choosing whether or not to stand on the side of humanity and humanity. We have no voice to listen to but the voice of our conscience. We are those who recognize the Palestinian people as brothers and sisters with their children, the elderly, the sick and women.

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