Mini Intelligent Navigation Missile from Baykar: Bayraktar Kemankeş

Bayraktar Kemankeş, a mini smart cruise missile developed by Baykar, was exhibited at TEKNOFEST. What are the features of Bayraktar Kemankeş?

TEKNOFEST 2023 started today. Bayraktar Kemankeş cruise missile developed by Baykar was exhibited for the first time at TEKNOFEST. Kemankeş takes its name from the archers who hit the target with full accuracy with the arrow he shot during the Ottoman Empire.

The mini smart cruise missile Kemankeş will fly with a jet engine and will have the ability to destroy the target. It will have a range of over 200 kilometers and an airtime of 1 hour. It has been announced that it will have a diving speed of 0.7 mach and a weight of 30 kg. Bayraktar Kemankeş, which can work in day and night conditions, will not be affected by electronic jamming thanks to its anti-jamming technology.

Systems such as the jet engine, stabilized camera system and artificial intelligence software used in Kemankeş were developed as a completely national and original project. It can be integrated into Kemankeş, Bayraktar TB2 and all unmanned aerial vehicle models. Thanks to Kemankeş, Bayraktar TB2’s offensive ability will increase. Bayraktar TB2 will destroy the enemy elements by sending Kemankeş to the region without entering the risky areas.

Bayraktar Kemankeş features

  • 1 hour flight time
  • Range over 200 kilometers
  • 50 km Communication Range
  • 18,000 Feet Operational Altitude
  • 0.3 Mach (360km/h) Cruising Speed
  • 0.7 mach diving speed
  • 30kg weight

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