Military Power of Russia and Ukraine

According to the 2021 report of Global Firepower, the strength of the two armies is as follows:

Russia ranks second on the list.

Ukraine ranks 25th among the world’s armies.

The total number of Russia is 141 million, of which 3 million 569 thousand, and the number of active soldiers is 1 million 14 thousand.

The total military personnel of Ukraine, which has a population of approximately 44 million, is 1 million 245 thousand, and the number of active soldiers is 255 thousand.

The difference in the number of active personnel between the two countries is 759 thousand in favor of Russia.

Russia’s reserve staff is two million. The reserve personnel of Ukraine is 900 thousand.

In terms of paramilitary power, Russia is at the level of 555 thousand and Ukraine at the level of 90 thousand.

Russia’s defense spending is 42 billion 149 million dollars.

Ukraine’s defense budget is 9 billion 600 million dollars.

While Ukraine’s foreign debt is 130 billion dollars, Russia’s foreign debt is 539 billion 600 million dollars. In terms of foreign debt, Ukraine is in a better position than Russia with 409 billion 600 million dollars.

On the other hand, Russia has a foreign exchange reserve of 432 billion 700 million dollars, while Ukraine’s foreign exchange reserve is 18 billion 810 million dollars.

Russia, which ranks sixth in the world according to purchasing power parity, has a power of 4 trillion 025 billion. For Ukraine, which ranks 48th in the world, this figure is 378 billion 450 million dollars.

The total number of aircraft in Russia is 4 thousand 144, while the total number of aircraft in Ukraine is 285.

Russia has 789 warplanes and Ukraine has 42 warplanes. The difference between them is 747.

Russia, which ranks second in the world in the global firepower ranking, has 742 attack aircraft and Ukraine has 25 attack aircraft.

Russia has 1540 helicopters, Ukraine has 111 helicopters.

Russia has 538 attack helicopters and Ukraine has 34 attack helicopters.

Russia, the world leader in terms of tank power, has 13 thousand tanks. There are 2430 tanks in Ukraine.

Russia has 27 thousand armored vehicles, Ukraine has 11 thousand 435 armored vehicles.

Russia, which ranks first in the world in terms of self-propelled artillery, has 6 thousand 540 and Ukraine 785 artillery.

Russia has 4,465 and Ukraine has 2.40 towed artillery.

Ukraine does not have an aircraft carrier, Russia has an aircraft carrier.

While Russia has 64 submarines, the Ukrainian army has no submarines.

Likewise, while there are 15 destroyers in Russia, this figure is zero for the Ukrainian army.

Ukraine has one and Russia has 11 frigates.

There are 85 corvettes in Russia and 0 in Ukraine.

While Russia has 48 minelayers, Ukraine does not have this ship in its inventory.

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