Microsoft Copilot Banned in One Country: Security Concerns!

Microsoft Copilot Banned in One Country: Security Concerns!

The US Congress wants to ban Microsoft’s Copilot. Microsoft has started working against these concerns. Here are the details!

Productive artificial intelligence has become ubiquitous and its use cases are growing every day. Almost all technology companies now have their own artificial intelligence model.

The features offered with productive AI on phones also continue to evolve. However, according to a report published by Axios, the US Congress does not look favorably on Microsoft’s popular artificial intelligence model Copilot.

Why is the US Congress Banning Copilot?

Due to security concerns, the House of Representatives has allegedly banned this AI application for its members. Catherine Szpindor, Congress’s Chief Management Officer, said that Copilot is “unauthorized for House use” and that this poses a security concern.

Microsoft's Copilot

Microsoft Copilot is a helpful productive AI tool that can be integrated with programs such as Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. However, it is currently banned for use by Congressional staff.

If government data is leaked, this poses a huge risk and could potentially lead to serious problems.

This means that AI could leak information shared by congressional staff. Because of these concerns, Microsoft has stated that they are working on a government-friendly AI solution that can meet strict security requirements.

Once this version is reportedly ready, Congress will first examine its functionality and decide whether to authorize its use.

Last June, the House of Representatives restricted employees from using the free ChatGPT version. They are allowed to use the paid version.

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