Microsoft and Sony Agree: Call of Duty Stays on PlayStation

Microsoft and Sony Agree: Call of Duty Stays on PlayStation

American-based technology company Microsoft has signed a new agreement that will excite the gaming world. Here are the details!

Microsoft rolled up its sleeves to make new agreements after the Activision decision came to fruition in favor. First knocking on Sony’s door, Microsoft signed a billion-dollar deal to keep the Call of Duty series on PlayStation consoles.

Microsoft Accelerates Work After Lawsuit

Announcing the deal in a tweet, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer said, “We are pleased to announce that Microsoft and PlayStation have signed a binding agreement to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation following the acquisition of Activision Blizzard. “We look forward to a future where gamers globally have more options to play their favorite games.”

It was noteworthy that today’s announcement came after the Activison lawsuit that Microsoft won on Friday. Taking stronger steps after the decision, Microsoft seems to continue its agreements.

Call of Duty Stays on PlayStation

Responding to Spencer’s tweet, Microsoft President Brad Smith said in a statement: “From day one of this acquisition, we are committed to addressing the concerns of regulators, platform and game developers and consumers.” said. 

No details were shared from either company about the agreement, but the media reported that the agreement is 10 years old. 

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