Micro Robots Fighting Cancer Cells Are Coming!

Scientists have developed hybrid microrobots that can detect and manipulate damaged cells. Thanks to these micro robots, a solution to cancer may be found. Here are the details:

A research team at Tel Aviv University in Israel has developed tiny microrobots that can scan individual cells to see if they are healthy or problematic. These tiny robots, each only ten microns in diameter, can even move desired cells to a different location using electricity or a magnet for further genetic analysis.

Micro Robots Could Also Be Used To Deliver Drugs Directly To Cells

In the tests, the researchers were able to use robots to distinguish between healthy or dying cells and capture cancerous cells. If these tiny robots are made available, they could be used to separate cancer cells and take biological samples, and then for medical diagnosis.

These potentially groundbreaking robots for diagnosing diseases or administering drugs were designed with inspiration from biological microswimmers such as bacteria and sperm cells to enhance the ability to move autonomously.

In the next stage, the researchers will use these robots as an effective drug carrier that can be precisely directed to the target. If these robots can successfully pass all the tests, there may be a light on the horizon for cancer patients.

Ece Nagihan

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