Michelin-starred Dinner In Space: Reservation Fee 16 Million Turkish Lira

A Michelin-starred dining experience is being added to the list of firsts in space. In late 2025, only six people will be able to attend this dinner. The reservation fee is 16 million Turkish liras per person...

SpaceVIP, one of the space tourism companies, is preparing for a dinner experience in space with Michelin-starred chef Rammus Munk.

Six people paying 495 thousand dollars, or 16 million liras per ticket, will embark on a six-hour journey at the edge of the earth’s atmosphere.


All proceeds from the dinner will go to the Space Prize Foundation, which promotes gender equality in science and technology.

“This is the first in a series of expeditions with leading artists to harness the power of space travel to promote space literacy,” said Roman Chiporukha, founder of SpaceVIP, about the touristic space dinner.

The Michelin-starred chef and six guests will set sail from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida in late 2025.

The chef will serve dinner aboard Space Perspective’s Spaceship “Neptune”, the world’s first carbon neutral spaceship.

The spaceship “Neptune” is not a rocket, but a pressurized capsule slowly propelled by SpaceBalloon.


Once they reach the edge of the atmosphere, explorers will have access to Wi-Fi on board the spacecraft and will be able to live stream their experience. They will also be able to connect with friends and family back on Earth during their flight.

Passengers will also have the chance to watch the sunrise.


Chef Rasmus will present creative dishes “inspired by the role of space exploration in human history over the last 60 years and its impact on society, both scientific and philosophical”.

As the menu is not yet finalized, the dishes will be announced at the final stage of the itinerary.

Chef Ramsus’ Copenhagen-based restaurant Alchemist has received two Michelin stars since 2020. The restaurant is also one of the “50 Best Restaurants in the World” on the list.

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