Mega Projects of Turkey Followed by Foreigners

The success of the many transport and infrastructure projects which impact on Turkey in the international arena in recent years, putting it on every year of successes in this lane is taking sure steps toward becoming one of the few countries in the world. In this regard, last month held for the 13th time, the promotion of best infrastructure projects all over the world are made in the Global Infrastructure Leaders Forum, Turkey took its place in the field of transport infrastructure projects. In the event, where the top 100 international construction and infrastructure projects were determined, attention was drawn to the usefulness of the projects for the strategic and priority goals of the countries. In this context, it is understood that the projects in the forum are strategic and distinctive.

Every year the world was examined in detail with the massive infrastructure projects carried out in many countries in the Global Infrastructure Leaders Forum, Turkey became the focus of attention by foreign investors with outstanding infrastructure projects in the transport field. Forum, several European Union countries except Turkey and has seen the participation provided from other regions of the world. Leaves negative effects worldwide number of the growing infrastructure in different areas from each other Covid-19 despite the economic recession caused by the pandemic with determination the ongoing Turkey, advance as service to get the infrastructure projects are entering the world’s radar of foreign investors in different parts.

Mega Transportation Projects

Best of infrastructure projects were introduced in the Global Infrastructure Leaders Forum, the area of transport infrastructure projects in Turkey by creating significant difference between the others participating in the forum has become the focus of attention of foreign investors. The forum, where the infrastructure projects of the countries were discussed, was organized digitally for the first time this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The theme of the forum, which also attended by international level construction and infrastructure sector representatives, was chosen as “Real opportunities, real recovery” for 2020. Turkey Investment Office of the Presidency of the Republic and the various transport infrastructure projects in Turkey were found effective in promoting efforts to bring foreign investors to the country to international investors at this event.

Strategic Projects of Turkey

The strategic projects of Turkey was explained in terms of infrastructure investment and potential strategic capabilities. Istanbul New Airport, renewable energy projects such as YEKA, city hospitals, the BTC pipeline, Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway projects such as mega reveals Turkey’s success and its ability to demonstrate in the investments in strategic areas.

On the other hand, Turkish construction companies have been increasing their economic interaction with India, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Malaysia in recent years, except for China, and continue their projects in these countries. is very eager to develop and implement new projects and there are no obstacles to this.

Foreign Investors Follow Turkish Projects

While determining the projects to take place in the Global Infrastructure Leaders Forum, a list of 250 projects from different countries of the world is considered first. Then, using a scoring system that includes various criteria, the best 100 projects are selected from among these 250 projects. The organization includes projects selected from 10 different infrastructure sectors, including transportation, energy, technology, mining and tourism. Organized for the 13th time in 2020, the forum hosted 88 industry-leading speakers from 6 continents and more than 20 countries and live presentations of more than 46 projects with a total value of more than 175 billion dollars.

Investments in infrastructure projects are of great importance in order for the global economy, which experienced a recession crisis after the Covid-19 outbreak, to recover as soon as possible. For this reason, it is expected to serve the common good of all countries that support this formation by acting together in the infrastructure investment projects of the world countries.

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