May Day Around The World: Millions Filled The Fields

This year, as every year, workers and laborers are celebrating May Day in all corners of the world. On the other hand, May Day is also a time of protest for millions suffering from economic injustice. Similar demands are heard from different geographies.

1 – After three years of COVID-19 restrictions, protests across Asia have seen a huge increase in participation.

2 – Processions were also formed in Manila, the capital of the Philippines

3 – A demonstrator wearing the mask of Taiwan`s President Tsai Ing-wen demands accountability for labor law reforms


5 – Thousands of demonstrators gathered in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, against the government’s doubling of the defense budget. It was argued that this money should be spent for the welfare of the people.

6 – Higher wages were the most prominent demand of South Koreans. Tens of thousands emphasized that high inflation and long working hours are not reflected in salaries.

7 – An interesting editorial was published in the Rodong Sinmun newspaper, the official organ of the North Korean Workers’ Party. It was argued that workers should give more support to the country’s leader Kim Jong-un by filling their quotas in production. Photo: Archive

8 – In Indonesia, the law to create jobs would harm workers and the environment.

9 – Drums and zurna seen at communist demonstration in Beirut
Migrant domestic workers in Lebanon also demonstrated in this country in economic crisis. Workers stood shoulder to shoulder in the Middle Eastern country where three quarters of the population lives in poverty.

10 – More than 70 marches were organized across Spain. Powerful unions warned of “social conflict” if wages, already low compared to the EU average, were not raised. Plans for a 4-day work week were supported.

11 – The streets of Athens, the capital of Greece, are bustling 20 days before the elections.


13 – Different grievances are also expressed on this day. Those who argue that global climate change could spell the end of the world spray-painted the Louis Vuitton Museum in Paris.

14 – In France, trade unions once again shouted loudly the demand they have been voicing in their long-standing protests: “Don’t raise the retirement age from 62 to 64!”

15 – Powerful trade unions combined with climate activists to generate large numbers of participants. The 2024 Paris Olympics were also protested. Although the decision was not widely welcomed by the public, police chiefs used the authorization given to them to use drones for intelligence purposes.

16 – Tear gas was not missing during the demonstrations in Paris.


18 – Although there were sporadic clashes with the police in Germany, the demonstration was largely uneventful.


20 – The protests in Russia, which invaded Ukraine, were not even comparable to the demonstrations of the communist era, let alone to those of the previous years.

21 – Thousands of people gathered in London, the capital of England, and organized a demonstration on May 1st.


23 – Chile
Here are photos from the prominent May 1st Labor and Solidarity Day protests around the world…

24 – France

25 – Ecuador

26 – Italy

27 – Brazil

28 -Venezuela

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