Mars Express Imaged Mars Spiders!

Mars Express Imaged Mars Spiders!

Mars Express has imaged Martian spiders, one of the interesting features of Mars. Here are the details!

The European Space Agency’s Mars Express rover has captured images of spiders on Mars. The captured Martian “spiders” look like the spiders we see on Earth, but they’re not exactly what you’d expect.

Instead, Martian spiders actually represent spots of darkness ranging in width from 45 meters to a kilometer, which began to appear in the spring when gas erupted from the Martian surface, bringing with it dark material from beneath the surface. These spots are directly visible on Mars and are so named because they look like ruins.

What Do Mars Spiders Look Like?

This week, the European Space Agency shared a haunting image of ‘spiders’ on Mars, revealing how the surface of the Red Planet changes with the seasons.

Mars Spiders

Mars Express captured Mars Spiders!

The European Space Agency notes that the spiders appear to be crawling across high hills and vast plateaus, but they don’t actually move at all. Still, you might be mistaken when you look at the image.

Inca City and the spiders mentioned above were first spotted by NASA’s Mariner 9 probe in 1972. Since then, Mars Express has captured high-resolution images of the area with its High Resolution Stereo Camera. The European Space Agency says it is not sure how Inca City was formed, but it remains a place we would like to explore in more depth once we are able to send a manned mission to Mars.

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