Lion Escaped From Zoo in Ankara!

In the Gölbaşı district of Ankara, the lion escaped from the zoo, which was sealed and closed to visitors, causing panic in the neighborhood.
The license of the private zoo in Gölbaşı district, which includes lion and tiger cubs, was canceled on the grounds that it did not meet the appropriate conditions.

The zoo, which was previously sealed in the judicial process and opened upon the objection of the business owner, was sealed for the second time in October with the decision to cancel the license and time was given for the evacuation of the animals.

They experienced great fear when they saw the lion entering the garden.

One of the lions in the closed zoo escaped from its cage yesterday morning. The lion, which was reflected in the security camera while running in front of the vehicles in the neighborhood and on the road, later entered the garden of Rıfat Aloğlu‘s house.

The residents of the house, who woke up with the barking of dogs in the morning, experienced great fear when they saw the lion in the garden.

The lion was later caught and taken away by the zoo staff. The teams of the 9th Regional Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks investigated the region after the lion escaped.

The teams kept a record that the lion was put back in its cage.

“We Couldn’t Get Out of Fear”

Rıfat Aloğlu explained that his nephew woke up at 06.20 with the barking of dogs. “When my nephew went down to the garden, he was scared when he encountered a lion. He immediately called me and said, ‘There is a lion in the garden, never go out.’ We told the zoo keepers, they came right away. We went out into the garden cautiously together. Who wouldn’t be afraid of the lion? It wasn’t too big, but people were afraid. They roar every night until the morning. The monkey had escaped before too. The monkey had also entered the business next to us. We were even worried about the monkey, how could we not be afraid of the lion? ” said.

“You Can’t Love A Lion Like A Dog”

Niyazi Güler, who lives in the house next to the zoo, “After the complaints, the police took a report about the incident. I went to the police station and filed a complaint. I also have a house within this 250-meter distance. It could also enter my house. You cannot love the lion like a dog. I think he would have smashed anything that came his way,” he said.

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