Let’s get to Know Turkish bath (hammam) closely

Turkish baths, which have an important place in Turkish culture, are not only for washing but also it is important for social, cultural, and healthy. People has been constructed water places for using water on the purpose of health. Turkish baths are the one of these places, and they are provide for needs like washing and cleaning. Turkish baths represent cultures of societies.

Turkish baths which people recover in

The word of hamam is derived from the combination of the arabic word of hammam that means bathroom and the hebraic word of hamam that means hot. Turkish bath (Hamam) means washing and cleaning.

The history of washing and being treated with hot waters based on old times. There were Rome baths to heal body in Rome on 4th centruies before christian era. Rome baths were used for cleaning, also they were used for health operations or sportive and cultural activities. Although Turkish baths share similarities with Rome baths, they are differ from Rome baths in terms of architectural and functional.

Turkey had the culture of Turkish bath on pre islamic period. The effects of islamic has begun to seen in architectural as in everywhere after acceptance of Islam. There are so many similarities betweenarchitectural of  Turkish baths and architectural  of mosques. Dome of mosques and dome of Turkish baths have the same architectural features.

Common cultural value of Turkish and Islamic; Turkish baths

Turkish baths provide for the needs as in two ways; natural hot water and artifical water system. Turkish baths ,which are set on the natural hot water, are generally the thermal springs that are used on the purpose of health. Natural hot water heals somatic disorders  and the skin diseases .

Turkish baths ,which has been existed over a thousand year in Turkish culture, create a system in recognition of different purpose of using and positive effects on human body. That system still continues until nowadays. Turkish baths are important places for entertainment, birth, and getting married in addition to cleaning.

There are foam massage, bath gloves, hot and cold pool, moss, clay, mud and massages which are done with herbal oil in Turkish baths.

Benefits of Turkish Bath for human health                

Turkish baths which are useful for human health,

  • Reduces stress
  • Heal the pain on muscle
  • Accelerate bloodstream
  • Skin looks healthy and young
  • The therapy is made with steam for infectious diseases. Steam is good for infections diseases and cancerts.
  • toxins are thrown off the body by sweating thanks to hight temparature.

Terms which are special to Turkish baths:

Turkish baths are quite useful in the respect of social, cultural, and health. There are some terms which was occured in Turkish baths. Here are the terms:

  • tellak: the male personnel who helps men with washing and getting rub
  • natır: the female personnel who helps women with washing and getting rub
  • peştamal: thin cloths which is worn to cover himself
  • takunya: slippers which are worn in Turkish baths

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