Lemnis Gate Game Removed from List

According to the developer, time-traveling multiplayer FPS Lemnis Gate is being removed from game stores and its servers will be taken offline.

The time-bending competitive multiplayer FPS Lemnis Gate is being removed from all platforms with its online servers going out of service after a few months. First released in 2021, the satisfying, engaging yet complex FPS apparently couldn’t find its audience and developer Ratloop Games decided to remove it all.While most gamers would agree that Lemnis Gate is worth playing even because of its fascinating mix of genres and metaphors, its predecessor didn’t turn out as well as the developer hoped. But for now, players will have the opportunity to experience the game as it was intended to be played.

Lemnis Gate will be removed from all PC and console storefronts on April 11, 2023. From this point on, Ratloop says it will be impossible to buy the game on any platform, but the good news is that owners still have a chance to pick up a few matches. Specifically, Ratloop will keep the Lemnis Gate multiplayer servers up and running until July 11, and if most of the game’s player base returns to give it one more try before it’s all over, it will be pretty easy to see and experience what it all is. .

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