Legendary Snake Game on Nokia Phones Renewed

The snake game, which entered our lives with the Nokia 3210, which was released at the end of the nineties, was redesigned and offered for sale on Steam.

Aetheric Games has released the redesigned new version of the legendary Snake game, which many people have been familiar with since the black and white Nokia 3210 phones, on the Steam store under the name Temple Of Snek.

A Dungeon Full of Puzzles

The story of the game, where you control a giant snake, takes place in a dungeon with various puzzles and many tiles. The main features of the remastered version of the game are:

  • A seamless, interlocking puzzle dungeon with 5-8 hours of gameplay
  • Traps and puzzles based on rhythm and length
  • Five environments with different design, music and puzzle styles
  • Hidden powers to discover and master

The game also features 4 opponent types with unique puzzle styles, various improvements, hidden levels, snake skin customization by creating your own patterns, and a level editor that allows you to create your own puzzle.

While the demo version of the Temple of Snek game can be downloaded for free, the full version is offered for sale for 16.40 TL with a 20% discount.

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