League of Legends Milio Announced: Milio Abilities and Features

The League of Legends Milio champion has been officially announced after the rumors. Milio capabilities and features are in our news.

Riot Games also introduced its new champion for the League of Legends game. Descriptions of the features and abilities of the champion named League of Legends Milio were also published on the official site of the game. The new champion Milio abilities and their announced features are as follows;

League of Legends Milio Announced

Young Milio hails from a remote village on the border of Ixtal, where his family was exiled generations ago. Thanks to his unique worldview, he uses the fire axiom, which he has mastered, to heal and help others. With the responsibility of restoring his family to their former glory among the Yun Tallar, Milio leaves his comfortable village life behind and embarks on a journey through the wild forests of Ixtal. But he has no idea what awaits him in the country’s capital, Ixaocan…

“My dear family, greetings again! You can’t imagine what I saw today…”

Milio uses his expertise in healing fire to create a flame that never goes out, which he carries in his own backpack bakery. Milio is also able to make smaller fire from his bakery and use them as an extension of his magic. Without formal training, Milio’s way of using the fire axiom remains much more flexible than those with training like Qiyana. Also, being so far from home, he gives each of his besties personality traits from family members and even chats with them.


Passive – Fragment of Fire

Milio’s abilities enchant allies he comes in contact with, causing their next damaging attack to deal bonus burst damage and burn the target.

Q – Super Power Fire Shot

Milio kicks a ball, knocking his opponent back. After the ball hits its target, it rises into the air and falls to the ground towards the opponent. Enemies in the ball’s area of effect take damage and are slowed.

W – Campfire

Milio creates a buff area that heals allies. Increases the attack range of allies inside the area. The area follows the teammate closest to the cast point.

E – Ember Embrace

Milio shields an ally, temporarily granting them movement speed.

R – Flame of Life

Milio unleashes a wave of incandescent flame that heals allies in range and removes crowd control effects on them.

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