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Lawyer Filed Against Robot Lawyer: “No Lawyer Certificate”

Lawyer Filed Against Robot Lawyer: “No Lawyer Certificate”

A law firm filed a lawsuit against the artificial intelligence named DoNotPay, which is described as a robot lawyer. Details are here!

Artificial intelligence, which provides legal consultancy called DoNotPay, which caused great controversy in US judicial institutions, is on the agenda again. A law firm sued the practice for providing legal advice without a law degree.

The application called DoNotPay, which was basically created to provide free legal services to those who wish, by relying on legal sources, has helped thousands of people to date, especially with simple penalties.

DoNotPay CEO: “We Will Not Bow to America’s Richest Class Lawyer”

The Edelson law firm’s complaint states, “For users, DoNotPay is not actually a robot, lawyer, or law firm. DoNotPay has no law degree, no jurisdiction, and is not overseen by any attorney.” words were included.

Joshua Browder, who founded DoNotPay in 2015 to prevent the public from turning to lawyers for simple issues like parking tickets, said the allegations were worthless.

Robot Lawyer

On the other hand, Edelson, one of the famous law firms in the USA, filed a class action lawsuit against Jonathan Faridian, who took help from DoNotPay to prepare various legal documents.

“We will not be bullied by the richest class action attorney in the United States,” said DoNotPay CEO Joshua Browder on Twitter. gave his word. Stating that DoNotPay was founded in 2015 specifically to fight lawyers like Edelson, Browder said, “Only lawyers win from time to time. That’s why I wanted to establish DoNotPay and create DoNotPay, a robot lawyer named DoNotPay, that will empower consumers against companies.”

Explaining that they wanted to give advice to a defendant over DoNotPay with the help of wireless headphones for a lawsuit to be heard at the Supreme Court earlier this year, Browder said that he abandoned this decision due to threats from the State Bar Association. prosecutors.

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